Software Developer
I specialise in Web and Android Development.

I am a self-taught developer, currently focusing on Front-End Development. I am aspiring to be a Full Stack Developer by working through the FreeCodeCamp curriculum and Udacity and I have just successfully completed my second scholarship from Google via Udacity. I studied the Mobile Web Specialist Nanodegree, a course that focuses on accessible and responsive web apps and offline first technologies. I am also aspiring to be an Android Developer.

Area of expertise



My love for Web Development started when I was working at the Co-op Group. I have been hooked since then and I love adding to the World Wide Web.



I have been picking up some design skills. I am skilled at using Adobe Photoshop, XD, Draw and Acrobat, and I create most of the assets for my projects



I graduated from Android Basic Nanodegree by Google via Udacity in July 2017, thanks to a Google scholarship I received in January 2017.

Professional Profile

I feel I am a people person. It has been noted that I am a hardworking, personable, pragmatic, approachable and enthusiastic professional. I can lead and boost morale when required, as being outgoing is one of my best traits, therefore I am able to work with and understand people from all different levels and backgrounds meaning I am able to fit into various different teams.
I am also able to manage multiple priorities, and build strong relationships with partners and stakeholders both internal and external, has these are skills have been able to develop and build on while working in my previous and current role.

Work History


Edge Hill University

2010 – 2014
BSC (HONS) Integrated Children Practice
FDSC Working with Families & Communities
PG Early Years Teacher Status
GCSE English


2017 - current
Mobile Web Specialist Nanodegree
Android Basics Nanodegree by Google
Material Design for Android Developers
Intro to HTML and CSS
How to use Git and GitHub
Linux Command line Basics

Free Code Camp

2017 - current
Front-End Certification
Full-Stack Certification


2017 - current
Learn HTML & CSS
Learn Responsive Design
Make a Website
Learn JavaScript
Learn Sass

Sutton Coldfield College

2007 – 2009
AQA GCSE Mathematics
EDEXCEL BTEC Health & Social Care (level 3)

Hodge Hill School

EDEXCEL GCSE Science (Double award)
EDEXCEL BTEC Health & Social Care (Level 2)
EDEXCEL BTEC Sport (Level 2)

Personal Profile

I am highly motivated and career driven, hence why I joined Aspire (Co-op Women Career Network) while at the Co-op because I am someone who is proactive and take ownership of my own personal development and career progression. I also took some time off from January 2017 to September 2017 to learn more about Web and Android Development and enriched my knowledge on all things digital.
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